Residential Cleaning in Cincinnati

Maid Right® of Cincinnati: Residential Cleaning with EnviroShield®

residential cleaning cincinnatiAs residential cleaning experts, the team at Maid Right of Cincinnati knows that the difference that comes with a superior clean isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Our company is our area’s exclusive provider of EnviroShield® home disinfection, providing Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky residents with the house cleaning services they need for a safer, healthier home. With the EnviroShield® system, Maid Right of Cincinnati is able to wipe out dangerous, microscopic contagions in your home, using a safe, wide-coverage system that leaves treated surfaces wrapped in a protective, germ-fighting barrier.

Top-of-the-Line Residential Cleaning & Disinfection for Cincinnati

The EnviroShield® difference starts with its specially formulated cleaning agent, which offers commercial strength protection against germs, bacteria, and odors. With a 99.99% elimination rate, this system allows Maid Right of Cincinnati cleaners to eliminate virtually all microscopic pathogens, from the common cold to flu viruses to E. Coli.

How Maid Right of Cincinnati Offers Safer Residential Cleaning & Disinfection

Despite its toughness when matched against germs and bacteria, EnviroShield® is gentle on people, pets, and the environment. While other cleaning companies often use harsh or harmful chemicals – like bleach – to disinfect and protect against contagions, at Maid Right of Cincinnati, we’ve committed ourselves to only using family-safe, eco-friendly products and solutions.

An Odor-Free Home with Maid Right of Cincinnati

Our use of EnviroShield® allows Maid Right of Cincinnati cleaners to eliminate common odors from your home. Even stubborn, lingering odors like pet smells, mildew, or smoke can be neutralized using EnviroShield®’s specially formulated cleaning agent.

Wide-Ranging Coverage with EnviroShield® Residential Cleaning

The EnviroShield® system uses a state-of-the-art application system that allows Maid Right of Cincinnati cleaners to provide a wider range of coverage than comparable systems for residential cleaning. When activated, EnviroShield® releases an ultra-fine, no-residue mist that wraps around surfaces, then locks them in a protective, germ-fighting shield. This system allows EnviroShield® to be used on almost any surface, including high-germ, tough-to-clean areas like computer keyboards.

Make the germ and odor fighting capabilities of EnviroShield® part of your home’s residential cleaning services by calling us today at (513) 233-9466. Maid Right of Cincinnati is the only Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky cleaning company with access to this industry-leading system.